The Invaluable Role of Pet Insurance

The Invaluable Role of Pet Insurance

Most individuals and families with pets in the household develop a deep bond with their pets; in fact, pets are considered part of the family and integral family members.  While most Americans purchase medical insurance for their families, most pets are not covered by similar plans.

So, in the event of accident or injury, the medical bills fall squarely on the shoulders of the pet owners. When an injury is extensive, tests and treatment can greatly impact the family budget. This leaves families and individuals in the dreadful position of sometimes having to decide what and how much treatment to provide their beloved pet.

The doctors at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, the only Beaverton Vet to be a Spot Magazine Top Dog award winner, are caught in these decisions as well. Each of our doctors treasure the animal / human bond and seek to preserve and deepen this bond through the services we provide. Yet, too often we have conversations with clients torn between the care they want to give and the care they can afford.  At the extreme of this is the choice of treatment or euthanasia.

That’s where pet insurance comes in. Pet owners can purchase insurance for their pets which covers medical fees for injury and accidents, allowing pet owners to make a choice that is best for their animal family member. Pet insurance is a very common choice for pet owners in The United Kingdom, and awareness of the options and peace of mind it provides for pet owners is increasing in the US.

Premiums are very reasonable, and there are a large number of providers and types of coverage to choose from. Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, your premier Beaverton Vet, recommends Trupanion or Purina Pet Care.  However, a good source of unbiased information is

Pet owners can choose from coverage with options that include reimbursements of up to 100%, depending upon the insurance plan chosen and the cost of that plan. However, even a 50% reimbursement can make the difference in allowing the family more choices in treating a sick or injured animal.

While pet insurance is compared to human health insurance there are differences. Most of the time, the owner pays for the service up front and is later reimbursed by the pet insurance company, so claims payout rates are important part of any evaluation.

While most plans do not cover wellness checks, some do. We don’t recommend these plans as often, as wellness coverage is an easily predictable cost, therefore pet owners will end up paying more for these services when purchased as “insurance”.

Before they purchase a policy, pet owners should check what different providers offer and choose what works best for their situation and budget, and talk to your Murrayhill Veterinarian about their experiences and recommendations about what kinds of health issues your pet might be at risk from, as this can help educate you on the best policy to look for.

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