The Importance of Proper Dental Care in Pets

The Importance of Proper Dental Care in Pets

Poor oral hygiene has a negative impact on your pet’s health. Like all of us, your pets need proper dental care, and neglecting your pet’s oral health may cause substantial damage to your pet’s overall wellbeing. A number of health hazards are associated with poor dental hygiene in pets. The veterinarians and staff at Murrayhill, your Beaverton vet hospital, can assist you with maintaining your pet’s teeth and gums so you can prevent problems from developing.

One of the main health complications that can result from lack of proper dental care is tooth loss. The animal’s teeth may loosen, become sore or rot if you don’t provide sufficient oral maintenance. Plaque and tartar can build up on the teeth over time . Once the buildup reaches the gum line, the affected area may become inflamed and bleed .

Periodontal disease often occurs in animals that don’t receive adequate dental care. This condition develops when bacteria causes infection in the gums and tissues. As the disease worsens, the animal’s gums may recede. This can cause the teeth to loosen and fall out. In many cases, the damage from periodontal disease reaches all the way to the tooth root.

Another common complication of periodontal disease is that an animal’s major organs can be damaged. The heart, liver and kidneys may become infected from the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Bacteria can travel from the mouth to other areas of the body. Even the animal’s joints can be compromised. With an annual dental cleaning and by regularly brushing your pet’s teeth and gums, you may prevent many serious health concerns and help your pet live longer.

If any of your pet’s teeth become chipped or broken due to trauma or poor oral hygiene, the pulp of the tooth can become exposed. In more serious situations, the distressed teeth may become abscessed. This type of serious complication can cause a considerable amount of pain for the animal. Your beloved pet may have trouble eating and may eventually become ill due to infection or lack of nutrition.

Dental problems in pets often go undetected because there are rarely any warning signs. Pets don’t typically display pain until an issue becomes intolerable for them. That’s why it’s important to have your pet’s oral health regularly examined by a veterinarian. He or she can recommend a dental care regimen, suggest a treatment plan or set up a cleaning schedule. The skilled professionals at Murrayhill, your Beaverton vet hospital, can assess and monitor your pet’s dental health so you can enjoy your furry friend for years to come.

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