Pet tips and Pet Savings for the Fourth of July

Pet tips and Pet Savings for the Fourth of July

Happy fourth of July from Murrayhill Vet

  • Not everyone in the family likes fireworks!  Here are some helpful tips to make this holiday less stressful for your pet:
  • Play music like you did in college – LOUD! Or turn on some fans for “white noise” to mask the sound of fireworks
  • Sequester your pet indoors – with firework noise, dogs may try to dig out of yards and cats will often run away. This is a good time to consider Microchipping your pet. Always make sure your pet has an ID collar as well.
  • Consider boarding your pet(s) in a safe place that is farther away from the holiday action. If you plan to travel during this time, boarding your animals may be a better option than leaving them at home.
  • Early behavior training can desensitize your pet to holiday noise and chaos. Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital now offers Behavior Counseling through Amy, our Certified Veterinary Technician. She can help teach your puppy or dog how to handle loud noises through positive conditioning. Remember – never punish your dog for being scared by thunderstorms or fireworks.
  • Call us if your pet tends to become easily spooked by fireworks. We may choose to prescribe a sedative or anti-anxiety medication to help.
  • Keep pets away from fireworks, matches, lighter fluid, as well as the food and drinks (including alcohol) that may accompany 4th of July celebrations.
  •  Some animals that are already crate-trained may feel safest in their crates.


If you have any concerns or questions about helping your animal to make it calmly and safely through the 4th of July holiday, please call Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital at 503-579-3300

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