Spay and Neuter

Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon supports responsible pet ownership which includes OVH (ovariohysterectomy; commonly referred to as “spaying”) and neutering. Besides doing your part in fighting the pet overpopulation problem, there are many health benefits associated with sterilizing your pet.

OVH reduces the risk of breast cancer and eliminates uterine disease (such as pyometra) in females. In fact, a female dog spayed before her first heat cycle will have a near zero chance of developing mammary cancer. After the first heat, this incidence climbs to 7% and after the second heat the risk is 25% (one in four!). Pyometra is a life-threatening uterine infection that generally affects middle-aged to older dogs. OVH eliminates the risk of this condition.

Neutering prevents both prostatitis as well as the uncomfortable benign hyperplasia (enlargement) that occurs with aging. Other health benefits of neutering include the prevention of certain types of hernias and tumors of the testicles and anus.

In addition, many behavioral problems with your pet are prevented by OVH or neutering. Ideally, this surgery is performed before sexual maturity at around six months of age.

At Murrayhill, we are committed to ensuring that all of our OVH and neuter patients receive the safest and most comfortable procedure possible by taking extra steps such as:

  • pre-anesthetic blood screening
  • pre-anesthetic physical exam
  • Sevoflurane anesthesia
  • local anesthetic block
  • pre- and post-surgery pain control medication
  • anti-nausea injection
  • IV fluid therapy
  • patient warming system
  • multi-parameter patient monitors
  • surgical laser (less pain, less bleeding)
  • Class IV therapeutic laser treatment
  • hospitalization
  • complimentary nail trim
  • complimentary anal sac expression
  • surgical aftercare