Digital Radiography

Our digital radiography (DR) system is one of the newest tools of medical technology. This new system has the ability to capture and store x-rays to computer in digital form, making conventional x-ray films and developing chemicals quickly obsolete.

The advantages over conventional x-rays:

  • DR results in less radiation for your pet
  • DR allows instant image acquisition – films are ready to be viewed immediately after taking them!
  • DR is less expensive
  • DR is less time consuming
  • DR allows for easy electronic storage and transfer
  • DR allows greatly improved image quality. We have the highest resolution medical grade equipment available to Veterinary Medicine. This means improved diagnostic abilities for your sick pet!

As always, all of our films are reviewed by a board certified radiologist. With older technology, it would take 1-2 days to receive a report as films had to be physically couriered to the radiologist. But now these films can be reviewed through Antech with a report generated in 2-4 hours! The VETPACS Device is the gold standard for capturing, archiving, and distributing images and reports through web based sharing.

vetpacs software allows technicians and doctors to see x-rays in clearer detail.

With view screens in our exam rooms, pet owners can see exactly what the doctor sees.Each of our exam rooms is now equipped with magnificent flat-panel displays, allowing our doctors and clients to discuss pets’ x-rays with greater detail.



X-rays are an important diagnostic tool for many common conditions we see in practice such as fractures, vomiting, and breathing difficulties. Our hospital x-ray machine is able to take internal pictures of anything our doctors need.  Once again, because this equipment is on-site, we are able to take and interpret x-rays in a very short amount of time!  Afterwards, all of our x-rays are evaluated by board certified radiology specialists for an experts opinion.