We use only the safest anesthetic protocols for your pet including Isoflurane and Sevoflurane gas anesthesia – the same anesthetic agents used in human hospitals! Our anesthetic machines are carefully inspected and calibrated by certified anesthesia specialists on an annual basis to ensure they are working optimally. Likewise, we customize our anesthetic protocols for each individual patient taking into account such factor as age, breed sensitivities, and recent lab work.
During anesthetic and surgical procedures, your pet’s body temperature drops considerably without proper attention. At very least, this results in prolonged recovery from anesthesia along with the discomfort of shivering and being very cold. At worst, a low body temperature during anesthetics can be life-threatening! Standard heating blankets and water bottles just aren’t enough. At Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, we use a sophisticated warming system to keep our patients warm, comfortable and safe!