Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy - Cats and DogsMurrayhill Veterinary Hospital was established with the guiding principle of providing your pet with the very best in healthcare expertise and medical technology, with staff dedicated to helping discerning pet parents provide a long, happy and fulfilling life.

Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, located in Beaverton, OR, provides comprehensive care to your pet. We practice state of the art modern medicine and surgery. Our doctors actively engage in continuing education to stay up to date with advances in animal healthcare. We are proud to be pioneers in our medical community over the last 25 years. Family pets deserve to live happy, healthy lives, and share a special bond with their families. We respect this bond and seek to provide pet parents with the information and options to make the best decision for their family. To that end, we cultivate open and honest relationships with our clients to facilitate an open dialog, using appropriate appointment times, comfortable treatment rooms, and a fear-free environment for your pet.