Pet Grooming in Beaverton

Pet Grooming in Beaverton - Murrayhill VetJoni has been our professional groomer for over 22 years. She is an expert in show standard and custom clips. We believe that pets feel better when they are clean, brushed, and well groomed. Besides Joni’s expert and artistic talents, our clean and contemporary facility provides: Veterinary quality shampoos, cotton ear protection, nail trimming, ear cleaning, feet and face trimming, undercoat brushing, anal gland expression and veterinary supervision.

  • Your pet’s health and comfort are our primary concern while here at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, therefore the following need to be current or updated by your pet’s regular veterinarian before being seen by our groomer:
    • Current exam – within the last 12 months
    • Proof of Current Vaccinations
    • A Flea free pet with an oral or topical preventative (If your pet has fleas upon presentation medication will be given to kill said fleas.)
    By submitting this form, i agree to the following...
    • If a medical problem is discovered or an emergency should occur during my pets stay, I understand that care will be provided and agree to pay for all necessary treatment.
    • I have read and agree to all terms listed above.
    • I agree to pay in full for all services rendered at the time of discharge.