Low fat, low calorie dog treats

Low fat, low calorie dog treats

Beaverton Vet Hospital recommends natural health treats for your petAmericans celebrate the holidays with food and lots of it. It’s often a time where we are tempted to share tasty treats with our four footed friends, yet so many commercial treats are laden with fats and calories, so the staff at Murrayhill, your local Beaverton Vet Hospital decided to put together a list of their favorite low fat, low calorie dog treats.  The best news is you can pick these treats up right in Beaverton, with your regular shop.

Easy low fat, low calorie dog treats from your local grocery store

  1. Baby Carrots
    Dogs love the crunch of baby carrots.  A couple of these can go a long way and reward your dog for great behavior.
  2. Apple Slices
    Cubes or slices of fresh apples are a great treat for dogs without adding too many calories and they are fat free, which is always a bonus. 
  3. Banana (piece)
    Bananas provide fiber and potassium, but are higher in calories than some other fruits so be careful how much banana you give.
  4. Rice Cakes
    Small rice cakes are a great treat for dogs, especially if you opt for brown rice cakes.  It’s better to choose unsalted if you can but one rice cake with salt is fine too.
  5.  Sweet Potato Slices
    Wash a sweet potato and half it lengthwise. Then cut long lengthwise slices and place them in a single layer on a cookie sheet.  Places the slices in the oven at 250 degrees for about 3 hours for chewy slices or longer for for crunchier slices. 
Beaverton Vet Hospital recommends natural health treats for your petWe recommend making your pet work for their treat, so consider placing some of these treats inside a Dog Kong.  The potato slices work really well for this.  Dog Kongs are available from Murrayhill, your Beaverton Vet Hospital directly.
Sometimes, you simply can’t beat the convenience of a packaged dog treat.  They can provide nice portable training treats, but it’s also important to remember how quickly the calories can add up. For these occasions  we offer Lean Treats. Why not pick up a packet next time you are at the you Beaverton Vet hospital on your next visit.

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