Hannah’s Sabah Adventure

Hannah’s Sabah Adventure

Hannah Feral, a Veterinary Assistant at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, recently returned from a trip to Sabah, Malaysia where she spent weeks helping animals in need.

Hannah spent 6 weeks working with the Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) in Sabah, Malaysia. The WRU, established in 2010, rescues, rehabilitates and relocated thousands of animals a year. The WRU team that Hannah was a part of is made up of 25 devoted rangers and veterinarians. Although the primary focus of the WRU is protecting the wildlife of the area, they also treat stray dogs and cats in need.

The WRU also helps with numerous research projects to learn more about the wildlife native to Sabah. Hannah had the opportunity to work in every area of this facility. Her days would consist of helping the 5 pigmy orphan elephants, tagging wildlife for research, and working in the research center in rehabilitation the small mammals. Hannah says the day she felt like she made the greatest impact is the day she helped to relocate a family of 10 macaque monkeys to their new home on the reservation.

When asked to describe her experience working 24/7 with the WRU Hannah responded, “I am extraordinarily excited to have spent this time with them, and look forward to continuing to help them in any way I can in the future!”

Learn more about the Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit.

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