Creating Good Pet Behavior

It’s much easier to go through life with a well-behaved pet. An obedient pet is easier to manage, which ultimately reduces stress on both you and your pet. Plus, most dogs like having “jobs,” and teaching them even basic commands can give them senses of purpose. It can also create a stronger bond between you and your pet.

At Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital, we offer a basic skills training course that is open to both puppies and adult dogs. In the course, dogs learn basic cues like sit, down, stand, come, and heel. The course is intended to help owners learn how to communicate with their dogs and break down their dogs’ behaviors.




Our very own Amy Fellner teaches the course, which meets for one hour on Sunday evenings for eight weeks. We typically offer a 6 p.m. class and a 7 p.m. class. Amy is also available for private training sessions for your dog or cat. She offers both in home and in clinic appointments for a variety of behavior concerns. Please give us a call at 503-579-3300 or fill out the form below!

Training Course/Behavioral Consultation Request