14 Oct Leash Reactivity in Dogs

Dogs are such a big part of our lives, and we often want our furry friends to come with us everywhere. This can be difficult for those dogs that seem to “lose their noodle” at certain everyday stimuli such as other dogs, bicycles, skateboards, or joggers....

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09 Sep We are a Fear Free℠ practice!

Fear Free℠ veterinary hospitals are dedicated to making your pets’ visits as comfortable as possible. Fear Free hospitals take many approaches to reducing pets’ stress, including providing separate waiting areas for cats and dogs, species-specific exam rooms and plenty of treats! Not only is a...

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29 Mar Urgent Plea

I have been a volunteer with Golden Bond Rescue (GBR) of Oregon, a golden retriever rescue group for the past ten years. To date we have rescued, provided medical care and found forever homes for 2600 golden’s and golden mixes. The demand to adopt...

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26 Jan The Fear Free℠ Initiative at Murrayhill Vet!

We all know trips to the vet clinic can be quite unnerving for some of our pets. At Murrayhill, we are constantly working on ways to change this. Generally, trips to the vet are going to involve some poking and prodding, which can make it difficult for some pets to relax. But there are a number of steps we take to improve your pet’s experience. There are also ways you can lower stress and anxiety before your pet arrives at the clinic. Here are some ways we can team up to achieve low-stress visits:

We have separate waiting areas for dogs and cats.  Cats are very sensitive to new noises and scents, and the sight of unfamiliar animals can scare them. We have a separate cat waiting area with kennel covers and elevated benches to keep your cat’s carrier off the ground.

We provide short wait times for appointments.  Even with the separate areas, the front desk does see a lot of traffic and noise. Getting our pet patients and pet parents into exam rooms quickly helps reduce stress for all!

Did someone say treats?  Treats add to more positive associations with the vet clinic, staff and veterinarians. They are also a great distraction for wiggly pets that do not enjoy being restrained. We are well stocked in all sorts of dog and cat treats, including hypoallergenic treats. Have a finicky baby? We recommend bringing your pet’s favorite treats with you!

Bring your pet hungry!  If your pet hasn’t eaten yet, the treats we offer will be even more enticing. You can put your pet on a 12-hour fast before her appointment as long as your pet doesn’t have a medical condition that would be worsened by fasting.

Toys, toys and more toys!  Some pets, dogs especially, prefer to have a task or item to direct their nervous energy towards while they are at the clinic. We have several dog and kitty toys that can give these busy babies something to do to help reduce stress. As with treats, if your pet has a favorite toy, you are welcome to bring it with you.

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06 Aug Canine Influenza vs. Kennel Cough

A new strain of the canine influenza virus (CIV), N3N2, has recently emerged in the Midwest. While currently limited to that region, this new form is highly contagious and capable of transmitting quickly between dogs in close proximity, raising concerns that it will spread to...

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