Beaverton Vet Hospital Brings Laser Surgery to Portland

Beaverton Vet Hospital Brings Laser Surgery to Portland

Lasers have been in use for human medicine for years, however pet laser surgery is a relatively new technology. Most Beaverton Vet Clinics perform surgery with traditional tools, such as scalpels, but Murrayhill is proud to be bring laser surgery to our Beaverton Vet hospital.

Beaverton Vet hospital assistant with chihuahuaThere are several benefits for your pet in using a laser for any surgical procedure. Lasers pinpoint the target area extremely well. This reduces surrounding tissue trauma which is responsible for a large part of the post-surgical pain and discomfort your pet would otherwise suffer. The beam on a laser also cauterizes as it goes. This leads to less bleeding and less tissue irritation. In turn, less tissue irritation and bleeding leads to less swelling and a quicker recovery. Offering laser surgery to these young pets allows them to bounce back more quickly. Lasers allow all animals needing care at our Beaverton Vet hospital to benefit from smaller incisions and less bleeding during surgery.

Lasers can be used in a wide variety of surgeries. They reduce surgical time, blood loss and swelling during and after routine soft tissue surgeries like spays and neuters. However, they can also be used to remove tumors that would otherwise bleed profusely or to decontaminate infected wounds. The heat of the laser cauterizes the blood vessels as extremely vascular tissue is cut away and also kills bacteria and fungi living in an infected wound. Laser surgery reduces tissue damage, swelling

Laser surgery does require that the veterinarian be skilled in operating this new technology. Look for a veterinarian who has experience performing the procedure your pet needs with a laser for the best results. When operated by a skillful hand, lasers can reduce the trauma and pain associated with surgery significantly for your pet. Murrayhill is not only the first Beaverton Vet hospital to offer laser technology, we were the first to offer this technology in the Portland Metro area. Murayhill is a pioneer in pet health for the Portland Metro Are.  For a list of pioneering treatments and methodologies this Beaverton Vet hospital has introduced to the area, visit our website.

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