Basic Dental Estimates

Small dog – large dog: $483-$583 (amount of anesthesia used will vary by weight and determine final cost within this range) but a 20 pound dog starts at $483

Any size feline: $466

A basic dental procedure at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital begins with a thorough oral exam as well as a pre-anesthetic physical exam by your pet’s doctor. Medications are administered to ease stress, anxiety and prevent nausea. Hospitalization includes IV catheter placement and IV fluid therapy. We only use Sevoflurane anesthesia, the safest available. During the procedure, Certified Veterinary Technicians monitor anesthesia and vitals including body temperature, blood pressure, carbon dioxide, oxygen levels and EKG. We use a sophisticated warming system to keep our patients warm, comfortable and safe! Full mouth radiographs (X-rays) are taken, which provide detailed information about the health of the bone surrounding the roots and the root structure of the teeth. Hand and ultrasonic scaling, as well as polishing and fluoride treatment, is performed. And, while your pet is under anesthesia we trim nails and express anal glands at no extra charge. At discharge before and after pictures are provided along with recommendations for at-home care.

It is not uncommon for us to find areas of dental disease (i.e. a fractured or dead tooth, or periodontal disease) once your pet is anesthetized. Your pet’s doctor will be in contact to discuss any findings and notify you of your treatment options as well as the additional costs. We can perform those services on the same day or in stages (similar to how human dentists schedule). We advocate for your pet’s oral health with respect to your concerns and budget prior to performing any additional services.

*Current bloodwork (completed no more than two months prior to the scheduled dental procedure) is the standard for any anesthetic procedure. This helps us evaluate your pet’s internal organ health to make sure he or she is a good candidate for anesthesia. There are a number of blood panels that can be run based on your conversation with your veterinarian as well as your pet’s health and age. These panels range from $67-$200. If a dental procedure is performed within 30 days of your pet’s annual bloodwork a $25 discount will be applied to your pet’s dentistry.

*We make every effort to keep the pricing on these pages accurate, but pricing is subject to change. We will provide you with a personalized treatment plan at the time of your pet’s visit.