Bi-Annual Exams give your pet a clear advantage

Bi-Annual Exams give your pet a clear advantage

The Importance of a Bi-annual Exam for your Pet

Beaverton Vet Chea Hall and ZoeMurrayhill Vet Hospital, your Beaverton Vet Hospital, recommends bi-annual exams for every pet.  An bi-annual exam is the best defense you and your veterinarian have against many pet diseases, as it allows for early diagnosis and treatment.  Animals are very good at covering up ailments and illnesses, so often they show no symptoms that suggest an illness. Often therefore, by the time symptoms are noticeable,  the underlying disease is more established and requires a more aggressive treatment protocol.

A bi-annual exam includes a physical exam, and various diagnostic tests.  We discuss your pet’s health, behavior and appetite with you, to make sure there are no indicators of an underlying health concern, and provide information on common things to look out for.  Every breed has different susceptibility to a variety of health issues, and at Murrayhill, your local Beaverton Vet Hospital, our doctors tailor their health exam to your pet’s specific needs.  That way, we can stay on top of your pet’s health and develop a proactive plan which will give your pet the best chance for a long, comfortable, and happy life.

During an exam, we will check your pets ears, eyes, mouth, heart, reproductive organs, skin, coat, and lungs, as well as take urine and stool samples.  We also perform any vaccinations that are needed; and spreading vaccinations out to twice a year avoids placing too much strain on your pet’s immune system.

If a pet is displaying any negative symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea or weight gain or loss, don’t wait to bring your pet to us.  Pets work hard to cover any sign of illness, so if you notice any change in your pet’s behavior, it’s important to get your pet to your vet as soon as possible.

The staff and doctors at Murrayhill work hard to make sure we provide the best possible Beaverton Vet experience for our clients and patients alike.  Our Beaverton Vet hospital has achieved the highest level of accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association, (AAHA), so you can feel comfortable bringing your pet to us for the very best care and attention.

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