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Certified Veterinary Technician Extensive experience with Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital since we’ve first opened our doors. Team member since 1991 Pets: 1 dog, “Patch” 3 cats


Twenty years experience in pet grooming Team member since 1994 Pets: 2 cats: “Clooney” and “Jacobi”


Certified Veterinary Technician Team member since 1995 Duties: Inventory Pets: 2 dog: “JoJo Potato”, a Lab/Golden mix and “Abbie Appleton”, a Lab 2 cats: “Bissy” and “Mama Ke”.


Certified Veterinary Technician in Oregon Registered Veterinary Technician in California Team member since 2000 Duties: Murrayhill Adoption Program Pets: 2 cats: “Gabriella Blixen” and “Jeremy Nardo”, both Siamese mixes, rescued from ferel conditions and bottle-raised.


Tech Assistant – IT – Hospital Maintenance. Computer Science transfer student at PCC B.A. Psychology, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado Team member since 2002 Duties: organize and maintain the hospital computers, and our website Pets: 1 cat, “Jezebel”


Veterinary Assistant Experience in veterinary hospital care since 2000 Team member since 2005 Pets: 2 dogs: “Oreo”, Golden Retreiver mix, and “Henna,” Australian Cattle Dog mix 3 cats: “Mr. B”, “Vader” and “Spicy”


Both Veterinary Assistant and receptionist in local Portland area since 1995. Team member since 2009 Pets: 2 Pugs: “Kobe”, “Nellie” and “Gracie” 6 cats: Joey, Belle, Lowell, Spot, Boo and Margie.


Certified Veterinary Technician Team member since 2011 Graduated from Argosy in Minneapolis, MN, 2002 Certified Veterinary Technician since 2002 Special interest in animal behavior Pets: 1 French Bulldog 2 Domestic Short-Hair cats: “Miracle”, 8-year-old Tortoise Shell “Foreman”, 3-year-old Orange Tabby


Client Care Representative Team member since summer 2011 30 years in Client Service 7 years in Veterinary Client Service Pets: 2 Portuguese Water Dogs, “Maggie” and “Kasey”


Certified Veterinary Technician Team member since 2013 PCC Technician Program Graduate, 2002 Pets: 2 dogs – Border Collie and GoldenDoodle 1 cat – Domestic Short Hair 1 fish – Beta 1 rabbit – Netherland Dwarf


Technician Assistant. Currently studying at Portland Community College, planning to major in Zoology. Duties: Taking care of the dogs and cats in boarding, and maintaining cleanliness within the hospital. Team member since 2013. Pets: Two American Eskimo dogs: “Comet” and “Ajax.” Four cats: “Alfie,” “Athena,” “Boreas,” and “Hypatia.”


Doctor’s assistant and receptionist in the Portland area since 2007. Team member since 2013. Current interests: Radiology and Dentistry. Pets: 1 black and white chihuahua named Oreo.


Certified Veterinary Technician since 2004. Team member since 2014. Graduated from Western Oregon University and Portland Community College’s Veterinary Technology Program. Also instructs companion pets in basic obedience. Pets: 3 dogs, “Glide”, “Izzy”, and “Zhen”.


Doctor’s Assistant and Team member since 2004 Pets: 1 Chihuahua “Sergio”, 1 cat “Carmen”, and 1 Ball Python “Carl”


Certified Veterinary Technician with Associate Degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Team member since 2014. Pets include 1 cat, “Chevy”, and 1 Pomeranian/Jack Russel mix, “Jack”.


Certified Veterinary Technician in Washington, California and Alaska. Team member since 2014. Pets include 1 Lynx Point Siamese, “Tina”, and 1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, “Lacey”.


Worked in the veterinary field for eleven years. Team member since 2015. Pets include 3 cats: “Tazo”, “Java” and “Tira”, and 1 dog, “Pogo”.


Certified Veterinary Technician. Bachelor of Science, Oregon State University. Team member since April, 2015.
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