Save Up To $35 on Activyl, Activyl Tick Plus and Bravecto


The MyPet rewards program offers: $15 back on two doses of Bravecto, or $35 on four doses of Bravecto. Get $15 back on six doses of Activyl or Activyl Tick Plus, or $35 on twelve doses of Activyl or Activyl Tick Plus. Rebates are redeemable online.

Synovi G4 – Purchase 5 Get 1 Free!


When you purchase 5 Synovi G4 products from us, you get the sixth free. A Synovi G4 punch card is used for tracking your purchases, punch cards are good for the life of the program.

Pet tips and Pet Savings for the Fourth of July

Not everyone in the family likes fireworks!  Here are some helpful tips to make this holiday less stressful for your pet: Play music like you did in college – LOUD! Or turn on some fans for “white noise” to mask the sound of fireworks Sequester your pet indoors – with firework noise, dogs may try to… Read More »

Gold Standard Feline Friendly Accreditation


Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital is now a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program! The CFP’s mission is to innovate and raise the standards of feline pet care. Founded in 2012, this program conducts research, identifies trends and creates strategic solutions for the unique needs of cats in the veterinary… Read More »

Metacam Rebate Program Enrollment


Save up to $10.00 on your next Metacam prescription…and your next…and your next…  Rebates will continue for the life of the program.  $10.00 rebate for 100ml or 180 ml bottle, or $5.00 rebate for 32ml or smaller bottle.

Big Savings on Atopica Canine and Feline


Rebates for canine Atopica: save $7.00 on 2 boxes of 10mg, $10.00 on 2 boxes of 25mg, $15.00 on 2 boxes of 50mg, or $20 on 2 boxes of 100mg.  Rebates for feline Atopica: save $7.00 on 2 boxes of 5ml, or $10 on 1 box of 17ml.  Rebates are redeemable online.  Expires 3-31-2015.

Convenia $10 / $20 / $30 Rebate


Receive a $10 rebate for dogs 20 to 30 pounds, or $20 rebate for dogs 31 to 49 pounds, or $30 rebate for dogs 50 pounds and up, on skin infection treatments with Convenia. Valid between 3/1/2014 and 12/31/2014. Limited to five dogs per customer, up to four times annually for each dog. Rebate is… Read More »

Beaverton Vet AAHA Accreditation


Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon is proud to announce we have been an accredited American Animal Hospital (AAHA) since 1991. AAHA was created in 1933 to ensure veterinary clinics operate according the highest standards of pet healthcare. The accreditation process recurs every three years and consists of a comprehensive 900-category evaluation ranging from patient… Read More »

Dasuquin $4 / $6 / $8 Mail-in Rebate Offer


Get a $4 rebate Dasuquin 84-count Chewable Tablets or 84-count Soft Chews, or Dasuquin for Cats 84-count Sprinkle Capsules.  Get a $6 rebate on Dasuquin 150-count Chewable Tablets or 150-count Soft Chews.  Get an $8 rebate on Dasuquin 250-count Chewable Tablets.  Offer expires 12/31/2014.

$5 FortiFlora Rebate Offer


Receive a $5 rebate by mail when you purchase one box of Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Canine or Feline Nutritional Supplement.  Limit one request per individual or address.  Offer expires 12-31-2014.

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